Offer Mak Intes 150 F1800 made in Russia New

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  • Mak Intes 150 F1800

    Rarely available Russian telescope, in Maksutov Rumak configuration with collimable secondary in order to have absolute precision.

    150mm diameter with 1800mm focal length for a focal ratio of F12.

    Moon, planets and double stars are its forte, but even in Deep Sky it can give some satisfaction, for example on compact clusters or even on planetary nebulae.

    The contrast it offers even in photography is very high.

    The construction is really of excellent quality, solid and precise, and the optical and mechanical condition is perfect, there is not a scratch.

    The bob knobs were installed at Teleskop Express in Treviso and collimation was carried out on the optical bench, costing 140 euros.

    I repeat that the instrument is perfect in every way. It comes with the original finder and its original external focuser.

    EUR 850