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 APM Riccardi reducer (large format)
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Erstellt am: 21.02.2021 :  11:06:04 Uhr  Profil anzeigen  Besuche Dodi's Homepage

Because I actually used it only once since I got it last year (I am using different scopes for deepsky photography), I am selling my
*large format* APM Riccardi 0.75 reducer. It includes a custom APM adapter with room for M48 filters to M54 thread (like for use with the ASI2600 or ASI6200 cameras) for a refractor with focal length of 780mm. If your refractor has a longer focal length, you would need some extension rings, or replace it with another custom adapter. Anyway, the adapter is included with my reducer ;)

Details on the reducer can be found on the APM website.

Optically in perfect condition. Just on the side of the reducer it is missing some paint (that's how I received it from APM), but that is not influencing its capacity of course.

I can read German, but have problems writing it, so feel free to reply in German or English.

Asking 400 including shipping.

Thanks for looking,


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