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 CCD Andor KAF 16803,Fli atlas,Fli CW 10 CLRGB
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CCD imaging set up:

- 3" FLI ATLAS digital focuser 100,000 steps

- 3" FLI CenterLine filterwheel 10 positions (50 by 50 mm square filters)

- 50 by 50 mm Baader CLRGB filters set (3 mm thick)

- 3" adapter between CenterLine and CCD camera included (1mm thick)

- Apogee CG16 (G07) momochrome CCD camera ( this CCD is equiped with the new ANDOR electronics ) extreme cooling <60 C OAT. Beats FLI, Moravian and SBIG in terms of cooling performance and noise. I.e.: Cooling at 83% power for a -60 degrees celsius delta below OAT with fan set on LOW speed! Sealed CCD chamber warranted for life and no condensation. This camera is really the top on the current market. Shutter 65mm with no vignetting.

Below check recent Bias+Dark taken (==>)-30C with an OAT of +30C ( 60 deg delta! ) , Frames are very clean and noise very low.

Inquire for raw data.
All is for sale as a set, in excellent condition

Color photos below were taken at F/3 with a 300 mm astrograph in LRGB.
Weatherproof case as an option for shipping.

Asking 8400 euros.

Shipping extra from Europe.

Serious inquiries ONLY.


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