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 Carl Zeiss binoviewer - 30mm prisms
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Are you bored of mass produced binoviewers?
You want high mechanicall quality, and high optical quality made binoviewer which will lasts for a lifetime?
Then here you go!

(4 pieces were available for sale)

This is most successful and most selling Carl Zeiss binoviewers with LARGE all prisms inside!
Not without reason: big prisms enough which allow using any 1.25 inch eyepeices without any vignetting in whole FOV, very affordable price, and most important, high quality optics and mechanics!

It is longer time DISCOUNTED model, so it wont be produced never more!
This is exact model on which is based Baader Mark V binoviewer, so Mark V is just COPY of these binoviewers!

Collimation is setted on 100%, and if needed to adjust, can be done very easily with by end user by only simple shifting eyepeice holders plates!

Binoviewer is already SUPERCHARGED and MODIFIED!


- high quality all metal binobody
- easy collimation possible by end user - collimation instructions included with purchase
- high quality all prisms inside made by German Schott glass
- precisely polished all glass surfaces
- high light transmittion
- prisms diameter 30mm
- 30mm Clear Aperture (Supercharged), vs 28mm Clear Aperture originally on left eyepeice side
- 28mm Clear Aperture (Supercharged), vs 26mm Clear Aperture originally on right eyepeice side
- 30mm Clear Aperture (Supercharged), vs 28mm Clear Aperture originally on telescope side
- no annoying polarisation effect like common binoviewers have
- T2 bayonet connection on telescope side - accepts Baader Glass Path Correctors
- IPD: from 55mm to 75mm
- light path: 12.2cm with included Baader eyepeice holders
- weight: 780 grams with all included equipment

Optics and mechanics Made in Germany!

In setup are included:

-1x Carl Zeiss 30mm prisms binoviewer
-2x custom made T2 ALU plates on each eyepiece side
-2x Baader eyepiece holders with adjustable diopters
-1x Baader Quick Changer
-1x Baader T2 to 1.25 inch telescope adapter- accepts Baader Glass Path Correctors
-2x 1.25 inch plastic female protective covers for front side of binoviewer
-1x 1.25 inch plastic male protective cover for back side of binoviewer

I cover shipping anywhere worldwide!

Included lifetime support, and paperworks: Binoviewers Certificate signed by me, and written/printed Collimation instructions.

I accept PayPal, bank money transfer, Western Union or cash on hands.

Price is 788 euros shipped.

Conatct me via PM or directly on email denis0007dl et

Kind regards and all best
Denis, binoviewers expert

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